Friday, October 23, 2009

Call Senator Hagan & Support her Against BCBSNC Whom is Waging War on Her

Here's her D.C. number: 202 224 6342. They'll ask for your zip code.

Call Senator Kay Hagan and let her know that you stand behind her re: making competition available for BCBSNC. If they're so good, then they won't mind the competition....for after all, that's what capitalism is supposed to be about. Better yet: take the nasty BCBSNC postcards and send them to Senator Hagan----ON BCBSNC----w/ a comment that you want her to stand up for a public option and competition for BCBSNC.

Here is what BCBSNC is up to re: Senator Hagan:

Remember: every nasty postcard that goes back to Senator Hagan is money out of YOUR pocket if you have BCBSNC.

NC Blue Cross Sending Nasty Postcards Opposing Health Reform
Posted at 5:57 PM by Adam Searing
NC Blue Cross is sending postcards around the state. The goal? Get people to fill them out and send to Senator Hagan to oppose a “government-run” health plan. Of course, what Blue really wants is not to compete with a public option health plan, despite their 96.8% individual market share and billions in reserves. This sort of nasty, last-ditch effort to oppose real health reform is just what you would expect from the company who brought you the $3.99 million nonprofit CEO salary.

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