Thursday, October 15, 2009

'In Loving Memory': honoring those who could not find any health care and so died

Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 7pm-8pm, "In Loving Memory" service to pay respects to those who have died from our broken health care system. First Congregational Church of Christ, 20 Oak Street, Asheville (just off College Avenue at the traffic circle). For information contact Rev. Joe Hoffman at 252-8729 or Leslie Boyd at 243-6712.

Asheville Citizen Times' reporter, Leslie Boyd----her son died from colon cancer within the past 5 years. He could find no health care. He was less than 35 years old.

If he had MEDICARE, he could have had a screening colonoscopy. Think about that as you consider the public option.

BCBSNC PPO offers no reimbursed screening colonoscopies in western NC except for ONE PROVIDER, Appalachian Gastroengerology, BOONE, NC which is hours away from Asheville, a major metropolis.

For over $750/ month, my healthy 3 member family, cannot obtain reimburseable mammograms (for me) not screening colonoscopies in a clinic setting, which is the standard of treatment at this time. The closest 'office based' screening colonoscopy is hours away.


see what Leslie Boyd says about this matter and the picture of her son whom died because he could not afford health care:

"....Mike’s Story

By Leslie Boyd

Every year in America, some 30,000 people die prematurely because they don’t have health insurance and the access to health care that comes with it. Last year, one of those people was my son.

He was at high risk of colon cancer because of a birth defect, but he couldn’t get a doctor in Savannah, Ga., where he lived, to give him a colonoscopy. Several times, even as he began having symptoms, the doctor wrote in his record, “Patient needs a colonoscopy but can’t afford it.”

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