Sunday, November 8, 2009

Big Pile On Against BCBSNC: State Employees Association of NC Whams BCBSNC

(I think, maybe, that BCBSNC got more than it bargained for when it decided to use our money to pay for postcards to be sent to Senator Kay Hagan so that she would not vote for the public option....):

From the State Employees Association of NC:

"....To protect its virtual monopoly on North Carolina's health insurance industry, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina spent untold thousands of our insurance premium dollars mailing postcards to hardworking citizens to pressure Senator Kay Hagan into opposing health care reform which would create competition and reduce your health insurance costs.

The "non-profit" Blue Cross and Blue Shield virtual monopoly earned $186 million in profits for 2008 - and paid their CEO nearly $4 million.» View document

Why BCBS controls over 70% of our state's health insurance market. Their profits have driven up health care costs and alarmed North Carolina's citizens and lawmakers. Big health insurance monopolies like BCBS bitterly oppose a public option needed to increase competition and put a lid on their corporate profits at the expense of ordinary working people and businesses....."

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