Saturday, June 27, 2009

Senator Hagan: protecting her own $180,000 in private insurance company investments

In the best of all possible worlds, we would have people who are public servants who do not have vested, selfish interests that they protect. Would that we lived in that place.


from: NC Health Report/ Adam Searing

Senator Kay Hagan is unsure whether she wants a public health care option in national health reform or what it means.

Call Senator Hagan at 1-877-852-9462 (toll free) or 202-224-6342 and tell her exactly what it means:

1. It means a real alternative health insurance plan for NC families if people are sick of NC Blue Cross and want another option.
NC Blue Cross insures 3.7 million people out of the 5 million with private health insurance in North Carolina. With 75% of the overall market, NC Blue enjoys a virtual monopoly in our state - especially in the small business and individual markets where their share of business is even higher. Don't North Carolinians - especially individuals and small business owners - deserve more choice?

2. It means discipline and cost control for private insurers.
Nonprofit NC Blue Cross paid its CEO $3.99 million last year after he got a $759,000 raise. If NC Blue had to compete with a health plan that didn't pay its executives such high salaries perhaps they'd be a little more careful with our premium dollars.

3. So-called compromises like "health co-ops" or state public plans won't work.
These are smaller entities that are being put forward as a substitute for the public plan. But the whole point of the public plan is to put pressure on insurers, drug companies, and others to lower costs because of its nationwide reach and buying power. Without a true nationwide public plan we can't keep down costs - which is the whole point.

Want it on video? See Adam Searing and President Obama each explain why a public health care option is crucial for health reform.

Call Senator Hagan at 1-877-852-9462 (toll free) or 202-224-6342 and tell her North Carolinians need a real public health care option.

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