Tuesday, June 30, 2009

(Democrat!) Senator Kay Hagan is key person holding up allowing Public Health option to health insurance in the US

NC Senator Kay Hagan Is The Key Person Holding Up Move to Allow Public Option

By Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Licensed Psychologist, Asheville, NC

Senator Kay Hagan was ‘carefully’ put into place in order to run against Elizabeth Dole. Guess what: NC Dems now have someone who is less malleable than Dole.

With personal vested interests in the health care industry and a long list of contributions, particularly by the monopolizing BCBSNC, Hagan is a key person holding up the ‘public option’ being made available to Americans as she sits on the influential HELP committee that is currently without the guidance of Senator Ted Kennedy.

Why would the ‘public option’ be good for Americans and in particular people in NC whom, like my family and I, are left with no option but to fund the 5th wealthiest ‘Blue’ with a billion dollar war chest to take down the ‘public option’ ?

Almost 75% of citizens in NC who are insured have BCBSNC. There IS no other viable option, even if one’s family is paying $750/ month/ three healthy members for the BCBSNC Advanta which includes no screening mammograms and no available screening colonscopies.

First of all, as Republicans used to realize prior to becoming the party of the wealthy, competition is good as people can really compare the value of products. Hagan, holding onto her $180,000 personal investment in the private health care industry, as well as her future contributions from BCBSNC, wants to tell us that having a public option would ‘destabilize’ those mom and pop health insurance companies like BCBSNC.

Secondly, we could have cheaper health care as re: a public option as Medicare’s administrative costs are 2% vs BCBSNC administrative costs of 15%.

And here’s stink: Ken Eudy, former chair of the NC Dem Party, best man at BCBSNC CEO recent wedding, is the founder and CEO of Capstrat, which is overseeing the BCBSNC push to sink the public option.

This is gonna cost you the next election, Kay Hagan. But that’s OK: you’ll have a nice appointment to the BCBSNC Board.

Marsha V. Hammond has blogspots associated with documenting problems w/ BCBSNC (http://madamedefarge2scutinizingbcbsnc.blogspot.com/) as well as one overviewing NC Mental Health Reform for the past two years (http://madame-defarge.blogspot.com/)

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R Rankin MBA said...

How does BCBSNC management costs compare to a national average? I get the sense from their employees that cost-control is not a high priority in the administrative areas.