Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PEEYOO! What's that smell leaking from the NC Dem Party re: Capstrat handling BCBSNC adds WHEN CAPSTRAT'S BOSS WAS THE NC DEM PARTY CHAIRMAN?

As a Dem, I feel distinctly smelly, and I'm not talking pleasantly fragrant-----like someone w/ a bad stink just ran thru the room.

So, Eudy, who was BCBSNC's CEO's best man at a recent wedding of his, was also the Chair of the NC Dem Party----and Capstrat is the public relations firm behind trying to sink the Obama health plan or any health plan, really, that would allow citizens to choose a public health insurarnce---like Medicare----which will actually make available reimburseable screening colonoscopies or mammograms----you know---the BASICS or preventive health care.

"...Blue's rise in recent years has also coincided with a similar rise of Capstrat - the state's most high-powered Democratic Party-connected public relations firm. Over the past several years, Capstrat has parlayed its connections with Democratic establishment to win a bevy of extremely lucrative contracts with Blue as well as various government and government-funded entities. Ken Eudy, Capstrat's founder and CEO, is the former head of the state Democratic Party and was apparently even the best man at the wedding of Blue's grand poobah, Bob Greczyn.

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