Saturday, May 23, 2009

Raleigh's flim flam Capstrat PR Firm works for BCBSNC and against public health insurance:'We help corporations advance regulatory interests'

Every so often you get a glimpse of the machinations behind the curtain and this is one of those pieces of investigative reporting. You GO Raleigh News Observer.

See it shine here, detail after detail re: this Mr. Eudy, co-owner of Capstrat & supporter of Obama. Listen to the low hum of those big wheels as they make mincemeat of the common person's desires for their government...... winding up his advertising merry-go-round, sneaking around the periphery of Obama's universal health care initiative-----in his sheep's clothing----all the while doing the work for BCBSNC, his boss-man.

This is all you need to know about Mr. Eudy:

"We help corporations advance regulatory interests"

"Eudy was the best man at the wedding of Bob Greczyn (CEO BCBSNC)"

"CAPSTRAT'S LARGEST CORPORATE CLIENTS: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina"

"Ken Eudy is one of Barack Obama's key supporters in North Carolina."


Couple that to this week's WaPo article outlining how BCBSNC is using the ill gotten gains from not paying for patient care (as a BCBSNC Advanta insured member, in a 3 member healthy family, I cannot get reimbursed screening colonoscopies or mammograms; and there is no mental health parity tho a law was passed last year: BCBSNC was allowed by state legislature to OPT OUT) and this is what you got:

'North Carolina's Blue Cross Blue Shield Trying to Kill Key Plank of Obama Plan.'

"......the company has hired an outside PR company to make a series of videos sounding the alarm about a government-sponsored health insurance option, known as the public plan...."


Marsha V. Hammond, PhD Lic Psychologist, NC

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