Saturday, February 14, 2009

Progressive Pulse video indicates that BCBSNC administrative costs are CONFIDENTIAL

See this video created by Progressive Pulse, NC:

The administrative costs associated w/ BCBSNC ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

THAT----as associated w/ an entity that is supposed to be monitored by the NC State Legislature.

Amazing discussion. The video indicates that no information is available re: the administrative costs that BCBSNC makes.

THAT'S AMAZING. There is a committee within the NC State Legislature that oversees BCBSNC ----a 'non profit'

As a person who pays, along w/ the other 2 members of my family unit, all healthy people, $750/ month/ w/ $2500 deduct for anything other than seeing a doctor or obtaining prescriptions, I find it laughingly deplorable that so few questions are asked by the TERRIFIED State Legislators to BCBSNC.

My representative, Susan Fisher's office, advised me to 'lay off' the NC Department of INsurance as there would be no answers coming from my persistent questions about why there are no REIMBURSEABLE screening colonscopies for BCBSNC recipients in western NC when colon cancer screening is the law (you have to meet the $2500 deduct first; a screening colonscopy is approx $1200). There are no mammograms paid for.

So, I started some research re: just who in the state legislature is receiving benefits from NC BCBSNC such that they are all petrified of standing up to BCBSNC.

This is what I found:

*BCBSNC Spent 18 Million trying to convert to to for profit status in 2002-2003. Since that time they have simply been saving up their money such that they are now the 3rd most wealthy Blue entity in the US. there are 29 BCBS entities in the US.

*BCBSNC has its own way of calculating how much in reserves it needs and it is not in keeping w/ the insurance industry standards

*NC State Legislators get FREE BCBSNC health insurance

*Total membership: almost 3.3 million people;8 million people live in NC; therefore roughly one-third of the population is saddled w/ BCBSNC (you'd think that the state legislature could attend to the people that they supposedly represent)

*Premium costs: increased 35% from 2006-2007

*BCBSNC, not to be undone by the NC State Legislature which forbid it becoming 'for profit' continues to launch 'for profits' units: "Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has formed a for-profit subsidiary called NobleHealth"

*Even though BCBSNC is supposedly monitored by the NC State Legislature, in 2006, they stopped making quarterly earnings announcements (as they moved forward with their 'non profit' wealth

Why was BCBSNC allowed by the NC State Legislature to hoard so much money and increase premiums at the same time?

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