Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can the NC State Insurance Commissioner help re: no screening colonoscopies for BCBSNC PPO insured???

Here is the letter I wrote to the insurance commissioner of NC:

"BCBSNC has been telling me for almost 2 years that there is no office based colonoscopy (they will only pay for this; they will not pay for a clinic based screening colonoscopy) available anywhere in western NC except for Boone, NC, over 2 hours away. It is impracticle to try to go for a colonoscopy full of Fleet's enema or some similar preparation, trying to drive to get to the appointment, having to stop everywhere along the way in order to use the bathroom---for 2 plus hours. I have written them; I have talked to my state legislator; I have talked to OTHER state legislators; I have talked to the NC STate Legislature Standing Committee via e mail. I get no where. I would like for my $700/ month/ 3 family members who are healty---to pay for a clinic based screening colonoscopy---only has to be done every 10 years unless there is something detected-----closer to home---as in Asheville, NC, a city of over 100,000 people. Can you help or what do you say about this matter? For more detail information---more than you want to know---I have created a blogspot specific to BCBSNC and these problems....."

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