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5 weeks to hammer on BCBSNC via 'short session' NC State Legislature re: no screening colonoscopies in western NC

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May 17,2008

Dear Nell Boone ( , Government Affairs, BCBSNC, Supervisor:

Thank you, Ms. Boone, for calling me this past Thursday, May 15, 2008, as associated with my persistent querying regarding the lack of screening colonoscopies in western NC.

As you know, I have been investigating this and getting nothing but run around by BCBSNC, since September, 2007.

In that you came up with no solution, but apparently have passed the buck to someone else, I am speculating that BCBSNC is going to continue to try and avoid their lack of coverage for colon cancer screening, the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths in the US.

You stated, as per the phone message you left me, that 'someone' from Customer Satisfaction and BCBSNC Network, would be in touch w/ me 'soon.' You stated that you would be calling my NC House Representative, Susan Fisher, whom I notified about the lack of screening colonoscopies for BCBSNC consumers.

I am letting Susan Fisher know by this e mail that yes, indeed, BCBSNC is continuing to avoid addressing this critical public health issue.

In that the NC State Legislature will meet for only 5 more weeks, I am asking that someone from BCBSNC contact me by May 20, 2008. If I do not hear something positive about the creation of screening colonoscopies for citizens of western NC who have BCBSNC family plans----for which they pay premium $$----I will then escalate my activism.

BCBSNC continues to be under scrutiny by NC citizens who care about public health matters.
Moreover, BCBSNC's so far actions indicate a distinct attempt to avoid providing screening for colon cancer.

This cannot possibly be good public relations for a company that continues to attempt to get out from under the thumb of the state legislature.

However, I guess that BCBSNC simply cannot manage its company in a way that would suggest that this would be a good idea. Thus, I'm stuck to this issue like glue.

I'll be the first to herald your forward thinking when you create screening colonoscopies for western NC citizens paying over $600/ month for BCBSNC PPO health insurance.

My husband and I cannot afford $2500 for the two screening colonoscopies.

This does not even take into account if there were biopsies or other procedures which are not uncommon as associated with this important preventive care.

Thank you for passing this on to pertinent parties.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD

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